Introduction to Computer Power Switch
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Computer power switch

       Power Switch: POWER SW English full name: Power Swicth
       May use the name: POWER, POWER SWITCH, ON / OFF, POWER SETUP, PWR defined functions: Power button on the chassis front
       Reset / restart switch: RESET SW English full name: Reset Swicth
       May use the name: RESET, Reset Swicth, Reset Setup, RST and other functional definition: the reset button on the chassis front
       Power indicator: + / - may be used name: POWER LED, PLED, PWR LED, SYS LED, etc.
       HDD Status Indicator: HDD LED English full name: Hard disk drive light emitting diode may be used name: HD LED
       Alarm: SPEAKER name may be used: SPK function definition: abnormal working motherboard alarm
       This goes without saying that connect front USB interface, typically a whole
       Audio cable: AUDIO might use name: FP AUDIO function definitions: Case front audio
       To learn how to jumpers, we must first understand where to start from the number of jumpers in the end, this is actually very simple. The motherboard (the same as any board equipment) on both ends of the jumper will always have the thick end of the printing frame, while the jumper should be from here. Find the thick box after printing, the line from left to right, top to bottom, the number of the principles it wants.

       ● 9Pin Switch / Reset / Power LED / HDD LED definition
       This board and the board on a map, as are defined by 9Pin switch / reset / power light / hard light
       9Pin switch / reset / power light / hard light jumper is the most popular way in the market for more than 70% of brands are used in this way, slowly will become a standard, especially several manufacturers on behalf of the factory for the launch of the motherboard channel, using this approach is as high as 90%. Representative of the ASUS motherboard wiring methods, many of my friends when installed will give priority to ASUS motherboards, ASUS motherboards, but the general law of connection and not the former one as we speak, but also representative, so proposed here alone.
       Here we note that some of the chassis is 3Pin line PLED plug, but in fact it only has two lines, here on the need to connect to 3Pin the PLED pins on the dotted line as shown above, is that special connection 3Pin of PLED plug .
       Now we come to look at the rules. First of all, SPEAKER most obvious rules, 4Pin together, in addition to other plug SPeaker not insert anything. So after seeing this pin, we first determine the location of SPeaker. Then, if there 3Pin together, must be received power indicator, because only the power light may appear 3Pin; third, Power switch 90% are independent in the middle of the two Pin, of course, you can own a conductor short link to the two pin, if the boot, then that is inserted POWER, the next Reset can also test the same way. The remaining light of course, insert the hard disk, and pay attention to the power status indicator light and hard work are to be divided positive and negative, and in fact was also no anti-plug, but does not shine, will not damage the motherboard.

       ● other irregular motherboard wiring:
       In addition to that we mentioned earlier, there are some motherboard wiring rules and less obvious, but these motherboards are the next obvious connection identification in addition to wiring methods (in fact, most motherboards have a logo), and insert needle base color distinction as shown above. When we encounter such board, to plug the line with the sign on it.
       9Pin definition of switch / reset / power light / hard light of the diagram, to note here is the first 9Pin not defined, so when inserted jumper, putting this one does not need. When the connection diagram only in accordance with the above link can be very simple. Among them, the power switch (Power SW) and the reset switch (both regardless of positive and negative), the need to distinguish between the two indicators are negative, positive even close to the direction of the first needle (that is, the direction of the printing thick) .

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