About how to extend the battery life of the power station.
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Base station power to extend battery life
      1. For no AC site, diesel generators difficult to ensure (oil prices and oil can not be in time) power supply, the need for new power supply options, consider using solar power supply system.

      2. Reduce the battery over-discharge and promptly added
       Program planning in the supply of, need to load current, combined with the battery discharge curve of battery capacity configuration is appropriate, the required discharge time to avoid excessive battery discharge. The general principle is to achieve the planning requirements in the battery discharge time, the battery release capacity ≤ 80%.
       Power open, if no electricity access or temporary non-use batteries, you must disconnect the battery all the load to the battery in the open state. Avoid low current battery discharge, resulting in decreased battery capacity or failure.
Power management in battery to avoid battery placed in the warehouse for more than 3 months, if more than 3 months can not be installed, then we should consider charging the battery.
       Adjusted according to actual use of the battery voltage under-voltage protection to avoid battery discharge and depth appeared over discharge (discharge current is too small). Sites for frequent power outages, in order to extend battery service life, asked a load electric voltage ≥ 47V, the second under the electric voltage ≥ 46V.
       Opening of the power supply, manual control of the implementation of a balanced charging the battery, charging time balance ≥ 10 小时. Sites for frequent power outages, can increase the battery charge current, to reduce battery charging time, increased pre-filled recharge the battery. Through the monitoring unit, the charge current coefficient increased to 0.18 ~ 0.22C, the maximum charge current coefficient of no more than 0.25C.
       According to the base station frequency and time of power failure, power failure more often and for long site outage, to extend the balanced charging time, charging time cycle settings to change the balance, the original 180-day period to adjust the general settings for 30 days or 15 days, to reduce the phenomenon of hydrochloric acid place.

      3. Reduce the high temperature
       If the battery installed in the engine room or cabin side, need to install air-conditioning, computer room environment to ensure the appropriate temperature. For outdoor power needs to build the arbor in the battery cabinet to avoid direct sunlight. Buried by the way, the battery on a special cellar, ensure the battery temperature is not too much work environment. Outdoor Power is best to use more wide temperature range GEL battery, to reduce the high or low temperature impact on the battery to extend life.

      4. Regular maintenance
       Battery is running for some time, there will be individual cells behind (normally behind the battery voltage not less than the normal 20mV) or the failure phenomenon. If you do not discover, then the battery will become increasingly backward and backward until failure. Battery failure will lead to other good battery failure slowly over time, and then the whole battery scrap. Generally on the battery once every 3 months maintenance, major checks whether the leakage in the battery, whether the shell deformation, whether there is behind the battery, the battery connection is the existence of corrosion and screw loosening, the ambient temperature is normal, etc. . Only to identify and promptly deal with, to ensure the normal life of the battery.

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