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What is EMC

      With the electrical and electronic technology, the increasing popularity of home appliances and electronic products, radio and television, telecommunications and computer networks become increasingly developed, increasingly complex electromagnetic environment and deterioration, making electrical and electronic products, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC and EMI electromagnetic interference electromagnetic anti-EMS) problems by governments and the growing importance of production enterprises. Electronic, electrical products, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is a very important quality index, it is not only related to the product itself, the work of the reliability and operational safety, but also may affect other equipment and systems of work, related to electromagnetic environment protection. European government regulations, from 1996 January 1, all electrical and electronic products must pass the EMC certification, CE mark affixed only after the market in the EC. This widespread influence in the world, governments have taken measures to RMC on the performance of electrical and electronic products, mandatory management. More influential internationally, such as the EU Directive 89/336/EEC (the EMC Directive), U.S. Federal Code CFR 47/FCC Rules and so on electromagnetic compatibility certification requirements made clear. My Government has always attached great importance to the cause of electromagnetic compatibility, 1985, under the leadership of the Bureau of Technical Supervision, the National Standardization Technical Committee of radio interference, radio interference is responsible for establishing a standardized system for our table, organizational development, revision and review of a number of countries standards for electromagnetic compatibility laid the foundation for the development. In 1996 established a national joint working group standardization of electromagnetic compatibility, since then, has accelerated the pace of China's EMC industry. China was established in 1999 EMC Certification Board for certification to carry out EMC provides organizational guarantee; by the State Quality and Technical Supervision has promulgated the "Measures for the Administration EMC certification" and "implementation of the EMC Certification Product catalog (the first) "EMC certification further provided technical assurance. China's electromagnetic compatibility certification will effectively improve the electromagnetic compatibility, protection of human health, safety of equipment and the environment, to protect users and the interests of consumers, and increase product market competition, the promotion of domestic and foreign trade.
      EMC certification mark map
      Electro Magnetic Compatibility EMC is the abbreviation of the electromagnetic compatibility.
      China CCC certification mark only after the said letter with EMC EMC Certification.
      EMC include EMI (electromagnetic interference) and EMS (electromagnetic tolerance) in two parts, the so-called EMI electromagnetic interference, is the machine itself should function in the implementation process is not conducive to other systems generated electromagnetic noise; the EMS represents machine functions in the implementation process should not affect the ability of the surrounding electromagnetic environment.
      EMI (electromagnetic interference) in the include insertion loss, conduction, harmonic, radiation several.
      EMS (electromagnetic tolerance) including static, rapid pulse group, radiation immunity, conducted immunity, lightning, voltage drop, etc, when we watch TV, if someone next to use the hair dryer or electric razor like home electrical appliances, will appear on the screen is annoying sense of snow stripes. Rice cookers cook unfamiliar, it's clear the air conditioners turned off, remember it later but his start ... ... these are common to electromagnetic interference. More seriously, if the electromagnetic interference signal is being hampered electronic surveillance of medical condition or are flying a plane, will cause disastrous consequences.
      Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the equipment or system in its electromagnetic environment does not meet the requirements of their environment to run any equipment generates intolerable electromagnetic interference. Therefore, EMC has two aspects: on the one hand refers to the equipment during normal operation of the electromagnetic interference generated by the host environment, not exceed a certain limit; the other hand, where the environment is Qiju on the existence of electromagnetic interference in a certain degree of immunity, that electromagnetic sensitivity.
      The so-called electromagnetic interference means any equipment or system performance degradation can electromagnetic phenomena. The so-called electromagnetic interference is caused by electromagnetic interference equipment or system performance.
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